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Certified Arborist Services - Consulting and Management

At Cambium Tree Care & Preservation, we are serious about caring for and managing trees. Whether we are consulting on a new construction project or helping manage an existing one, our arborists adhere to the highest principles in the industry.

Our in-house ISA Certified Arborists adhere to environmentally sensible philosophy and use state of the art equipment. We have extensive experience with residential, commercial, corporate and government clientele; have passed comprehensive examinations covering all aspects of tree care; and stay up to date with cutting edge techniques and information.

Tree Preservation During Construction

The smallest amount of construction activity can cause irreversible damage to large numbers of trees.  Cambium can help you develop a tree preservation program by performing a preliminary evaluation to help prioritize tree protection. During construction, we'll monitor the site to make sure plan specifications are met. and once construction activities are complete, we will provide post construction care to help reduce the impact on the trees. 

A tree preservation plan is an excellent tool for maintaining the overall vision, health, safety and aesthetics of a landscape.  Our arborists can help you manage your projects from start to finish in all areas critical to tree health.  

Tree Appraisals

Trees are not only beautiful, but also add financial value to the property. A tree appraisal establishes the monetary value of your trees.  Our certified arborists can provide a realistic tree appraisal for determining property value, tax deductions, and insurance claims.  The Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CLTA) publishes standard guidelines for determining urban and residential tree values that are widely endorsed as the standard when the appraisal is conducted by qualified experts.

Tree Risk Assessment

Nothing is quite as beautiful as a healthy, well cared for tree.  However, unhealthy or damaged trees can pose a significant risk to people or property.  Our Certified Arborists will conduct a visual inspection and identify risk factors and defects that may be a potential hazard.  We will recommend remedial efforts to the potential hazards identified as an immediate concern as well as long term care recommendations to help reduce future risks.

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