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Gerald A. Miller


Gerald A. Miller

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Gerald A. Miller




TCIA Tree Care Academy

Cambium Tree Care and Preservation, Inc. is proud to hold the following Tree Care Academy® certifications:

  • Tree Care Specialist: This course helps to verify the understanding of basic safety and technical concepts required to care for trees properly.
  • Tree Care Safety Specialist™: Completion of this course shows advanced knowledge in the principles of accident prevention, hazard assessment and control measures, Personal Protective Equipment, training and supervision, and regulatory compliance.
  • Electrical Hazard Awareness Certified (EHAP), Gerald A. Miller: Qualified line-clearance arborists are certified with additional knowledge about electrical hazards and the special techniques used to work safely near electrical conductors.
  • Aerial Lift Specialist, Gerald A. Miller: This course provides OSHA-required safety training related to aerial lift safety, inspection, preparation, and driving.
  • Aerial Rescue Certified, Gerald A. Miller: With this certification, crews have the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate an emergency situation and potentially rescue an injured tree worker.
  • Chainsaw Operations Specialist, Gerald A. Miller: This course trains tree care employees in hazards, as well as accepted practices for chain saw operation and other associated tasks.
  • Chipper Operations Specialist, Gerald A. Miller: This course covers hazard awareness and procedures for hooking up, transporting, setting up, operating, and maintaining a chipper, with the goal of minimizing the potential for chipper-related accidents.
  • Ground Operations Specialist, Gerald A. Miller: Employees with this certification are trained in the basic safety concepts required to work on the ground during tree care operations, including basic chain saw and chipper safety information and how to assist climbers.


Fully Licensed & Insured

Mississippi State Tree Surgery License: #34947
Mississippi State Board of Contractors License: #21450-SC

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At Cambium Tree Care and Preservation, Inc., we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of tree care services in the region. From our location along the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast, we serve residential, commercial, and municipal customers. We specialize in utility rights of way maintenance, development of new rights of ways, emergency storm response, tree trimming, tree removal, and arborist consulting services.